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Road rush is unlike any other Dirt Bike Racing Games or Ride Games you’ve played before! Ride your motorcycles on busy highways while you fight, punch, slap, and kick racing rivals on the track Dodge traffic on your Dirt Bikes with blazing fast speed. Be a Highway Rider and zoom down a busy highway passing by cars. Hustle your way through the ranks of a bandit Bike Unchained gang in this Racing Game.

This Racing Game is suitable for players who prefer a tactical strategy to Race The Traffic with simple speed. You will need to analyze your Dirt Bike’s resistance to terrains and attacks, as well as your capabilities in knocking your enemies. Altogether, Motocross Racing magnifies the fun of racing for both random players and expert motocross gamers.

Now it is time to hit the roads with Xtreme motorbike, Traffic Rider, and Rash 3D, enjoy the racing fever in these Dirt Bike Games, and do whatever it takes to be the top road rush!


Joyride on your Dirt Bikes around a vast city and explore a wide variety of missions and objectives throughout its distinctive neighborhoods. For a more practical experience, you may play Street Racing from your road rush perspective or increase your control of the Bike Unchained using various camera angles.


We know that no two racers are alike! We included a controller option to comfort you all. Control your Dirt Bikes by tilting your phone or by touching the screen.

  • Choose from the 10+ fastest high-performance extreme motorbikes from your favorite category: chopper, cross, or superbike.
  • Enjoy 10+ characters with their style.
  • Detailed environments with extreme 3D visuals.
  • A deep motorcycle combat mode with kicks, counters, critical strikes, Rash 3D, and more.
  • Dart and dodge traffic while trying to get a high score with close calls/near misses between cars and trucks.
  • Traffic Rider has a career mode with 30+ hardcore challenges.
  • Use boosts to go faster and increase your scores on highways.
  • Dominate online leaderboards and unlock 12 achievements in Bike Unchained.
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Now it is time to hit the roads with Xtreme motorbikes.

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