About Knockdown Run

KnockDown Run is a 3D fun game where you must knock down every enemy standing in your way. Knock Down obstacles, collect coins, and get to the finish line! Become the fastest runner in this game. Features, the Epic run race has easy gameplay. Help the free runner! Knock Down all obstacles and clear the way to run! Make free space and get through towers, revolving doors, block castles, etc. Keep an eye on the number of shooting balls left.

  • DO NOT AVOID obstacles; DESTROY them!
  • Cross your way, knocking down the different obstacles coming your way.
  • Feel the SFX as soft music to your ears.
  • The environment changes as you progress through the levels.
  • Adaptive camera to show the most epic and almighty crash views.
  • Endless levels.
  • Knockouts royales.
  • Epic shots at crazy shooting angles.
  • Open spaces with bright sky and horizon.
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