About Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter is an addictive RPG game where you can get lost in an immersive world of dragons and monsters. This 3D game offers hours of gameplay and tactical thinking to be the best hunter. Hunt monsters and dragons in immersive environments with powerful weapons.


Play through 50 missions of Bounty Hunter Mode with Boss Missions. Hunt down a diversity of creatures to complete the required objectives. Put your survival skills to the ultimate test by tactfully managing your essentials to survive the terrifying waves of creatures until you can.

  • Auto-move, auto-shoot, auto health-regen, ammo box to help you conquer the creatures.
  • A free-look mode to check the sides without any weapons to plan your attacks stealthily while taking cover behind the trees.
  • Strategies to become a Monster Hunter and chase down the historical monsters, Vampires, Griffins, Manticora, and Hydra, to deserve a title of a Monster Legend.
  • Inhale the never-ending beauty of the jungle with dynamic weather.
  • Get lost deep inside the forest to search for different creatures to hunt.
  • Earn coins as you play to invest in the powerful arsenal of weapons, including SMG, Shotgun, AR, Machine Gun, and Sniper Rifle, and become a legendary marksman and deadly sharpshoot or raged gunslinger.
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Hunt giant monsters to level up your gear.

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