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Go through the journey of debt run by paying all your debts and delight in the riches that come your way. The rich games for boys are just walkthrough games. Debt run is all about from poor to rich. The rich boy will walk through gameplay. You need to walk through gameplay with cash, and the rich will get rich or riches.


From poor to rich games where you can explore a track and go through all the financial troubles, from being a poor person to a rich one.

  • The debt-run goal is to get back all your debts and enjoy life.
  • Lose the stress of your debts with this entertaining game.
  • Go from being poor to being rich!
  • Runaway from creditors and collect money that will turn into cash.
  • Experience the thrill of being harassed by loan sharks and solving puzzles to get out of debt.
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Getting rich is just a walk through away.

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