About Chasing Fever

Welcome! Chasing fever is a car racing game with a police chase. The goal is to escape from the police car without being caught. This is not just another racing game. The game has an open world where you can explore freely. You are not limited to only one vehicle. You are driving a car and want to escape from the police. But it would be best to be careful because they will chase after you. Collect coins for points and different bonuses. Cop Games is in the style of the race in which you will need to drive away from angry cops who do not want to let you go.


Innovative one-finger control makes it easy to drive, drift & spin your car – no matter where you’re playing. There are many challenges and obstacles in the way. You have to control your car and run away from the police car.

  • Easy and addictive gameplay!
  • Tons of crazy vehicles to unlock!
  • Beat your high score!
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Escape From The Police Car Without Being Caught!

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