Zombie Fever

About Zombie Fever

The survivor of mankind is here during a massive zombie outbreak. The only way to solve the crisis is to get into the research center by walking through the zombie-infested area. The snarls and gnawing teeth can eat you alive if you are closer to them. Survival is the key. 

Imagine The Last Day on Earth

Shoot and make a way through the special power-ups while the zombies are slow. When there’s a zombie virus outbreak, you need to be prepared for anything. Only the skilled and lucky may not be eaten alive by the walking dead.  Take cover when the swarm gets too overwhelming. You can not be killed – your goal is to survive. Share the Zombie Fever State of Survival to your friends today!⁣⁣

Can you survive the Zombie apocalypse? Arm Yourself with weapons, fight for your life! Participate in shootouts or explore a wide range of custom maps for King of the Hill modes. And if you’re feeling nostalgic for something different, try playing horde mode to, This is not just a game. They’re coming for live humans! Survive the Walking Dead’s attempt to dominate society

Walking Dead – Shooting Game:

The mantra is Shoot, Run and Survive! What’s your zombie apocalypse survival plan? Ready for the zombie apocalypse? If you’re not, then it’s time to prepare – with Zombie Fever! Our zombie game offers shooting and killing undead zombies, freeing trapped hostages, and avoiding roaming zombie hordes in a city. Happy Halloween!⁣

  • A unique level-based Hyper-casual shooter.
  • Shoot your way through the waves of different zombies.
  • Skill-demanding levels depend on the player’s expertise.
  • Special Fever Mode to slow down the zombies.
  • Features vivid and vibrant colors that will lift your spirits.
  • Captivating Particle Effects that will leave you jaw-dropping.
  • Unique animations that will leave you amazed.
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