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Dragon Hunter is an addictive RPG game where you can get lost in an immersive world of dragons and monsters. This 3D side-scrolling game offers hours of gameplay and tactical thinking to be the best hunter. including Monster Hunter World and Dragon Hunter Game. Hunt monsters and dragons in immersive environments with powerful weapons.

Enter the Monster Hunter World, where you are a Dragon Hunter. Explore all four hunting regions and find dragons. Hunt giant monsters to level up your gear. Experience the thrill of being a Monster Hunter. The one and only dragon hunting first-person 3D shooter experience are more than being a dragon tamer. Join Millions of hunters and embark on dragon mania to become a Dragon Warrior. Be a dragon slayer to save the world and defy the odds to seal the fates of these bloodthirsty wild animals.

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Confront lethal flying dragons, flightless dragons (aggressive or passive), and golden dragons (inspired by Spyro) in their environment, having their names and history avoiding their wrath of fireballs. Hostile forest wildlife will surround you. The Dragon Game is a free game where you can kill dragons. You play as a Dragon King to hunt down and kill all the Dragons in your kingdom.


4K textures, spectacular gun designs, true-to-life creatures, and evergreen forests will leave you genuinely astounding and awe-inspiring and wanting for more.

The haptic feedback adds spice to the gameplay. The intense BGM & SFX takes players to paradise. Best experienced using headphones.


Auto-move, auto-shoot, auto health-regen, ammo box to help you conquer the creatures. A free-look mode to check the sides without any weapons to plan your attacks stealthily while taking cover behind the trees.

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Hunt giant monsters to level up your gear.

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