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About Bicycle Stunts

Bicycle Stunts free-to-play mountain biking simulation game. The game takes you downhill through realistic environments. You get more than 15 maps to explore from the third perspective of a biker. Go down the realistic forest trail and feel the excellent bike physics as you race in snowy, rainy, sunny, or foggy conditions that give you different levels of challenges along the way. No other Bike Unchained, BMX games, MTB games, Pedal Bike Games or BMX Bike will give you this realistic feeling.


An adventure-filled bicycle stunts game where the user needs to evade various obstacles with adrenaline-filled stunts against a ticking clock. Gear up and pedal up the hardened areas with a different BMX bike and their specific upgrades. Biking is a fun and challenging Biking Game where the player needs to pedal through different obstacles with adrenaline-filled stunts going on a ticking clock.


  • Perform Mad-Skills like 180-degree turns, backflips, and bunnyhopping.
  • Discover new methods to combine various skills while in the air
  • Dozens of hand-crafted tracks with more added every single week for free
  • An attractive roster of bikes that can be unlocked, upgraded, and customized
  • Tons of rider customization options to help you achieve your on-track look
  • Amazing physics that combine elements of realism with arcade fun
  • Truly Enticing and Realistic Graphics.
  • Engaging and Immersive BGMs.

Aside from the high-resolution graphics, the creators give you a choice to upgrade and customize your bike with predefined & different racer outfits using the money you earn in the game. The faster you finish, you’ll be rewarded with more money you can use to up your game. Guys who are looking for a bicycle stunts game, Pedal Bike game, or BMX bike game can try this.

Make sure you pace yourself. Bicycle Stunts: BMX Bike Games is all about having a good sense of balance, and of course, you risk falling when you do not follow the bike path. Biking is a thrilling Biking Game.

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